Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Malshitz is at it again.

Last night Shelley's tennis team had a party and Molly the Malshitz ate some people food. A lot of people food. I had a terrible feeling that we would see a repeat of the last time she ate people food (she pooped on the rug underneath our computer and I stepped in it with bare feet--GROSS). I was right. I'm always right.

This morning Linda asked Chris and I who had tramped poop up the stairs. I had no idea, I'd been taking care of the Nels downstairs the whole time. Chris said he hadn't. THEN, as linda walked up the stairs, she rephrased her question, "Who tramped poop DOWN the stairs?!?"

Chris started claiming innocence until he checked his slippers to prove it. The evidence was clear, it was Chris. We gingerly went up the stairs and investigated. Molly pooped right by our computer like last time, but this time NOT on the rug. HOWEVER. . . Chris unknowingly stepped in the poop and sat at the computer resting his sewage-smelling feet on the carpet in addition to spreading poop throughout the house.


Alec said...

They don't call it a Malshitz for nothen.

Orange Juice said...

THat stinks, but is hilarious!! You guys rock and we miss you. Come to Australia and visit us. hahaha A dream come true.

Peggy said...

So discriptive Miss, it seems I can smell the poop from here. Glad it wasn't in my house.