Monday, December 7, 2009

My first blog giveaway!!!!

I feel the need to put four exclamation marks (a record for me) because I have won something, something good, for telling a joke!! It all started on the second of December. I was skimming cjane's blog when I stumbled across a post announcing...
My heart raced with excitement. I quickly read the few comments at the time an discovered...

I quickly wrote something before I went to seminary. Shelley wasn't too happy. It went something like...

This was the best I had. The sad part was that I sort of forgot ab
out it, and so I failed to check back at the end of the day to see if I had won. Five days later I was perusing the cjane blog, and to my supreme joy and excitement I found...

Perhaps this will justify the four exclamation marks, Hmmmm?

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The long Awaited Diana Photos!!!

Diana, the Greek Goddess of the Hunt, is the name of a lovely analogue camera that I bought this year. It is a delightful nostalgic blue with a hugo flash that is the only thing that requires batteries.
Everything else; the focus, the aperture, the shutter speed, and even the shutter itself, are completely manual. Mom and Dad still don't understand the reason I don't just go with digital, and I'll admit, it is a ton easier and simpler. But there is one reason that outweighs everything, in my mind at least. That thing is the flaws.
In a digital camera only
one thing is put to chance. That is if the picture will upload or
not. But with the Diana, everything
is entirely up in the air. This is the beauty. I'll let the pictures
speak for themselves.