Monday, July 20, 2009

We're Under Attack

Brookster didn't do it.  She wasn't that hungry.  Shelley is too squeamish.  Cordell?  He's too picky about what he eats.  Molly would be crying from the cactus spines in her nose.  Besides, she doesn't roam around in the front yard.  I can only assume that we are under attack from some giant flesh eating, desert dwelling monster that has started with the golden barrel in the front yard as an appetizer.  What to do, what to do.  

Home, Sweet Desert Home

My lemon tree is home... a tiny new mourning dove.

The desert is home to rattlesnakes,
which live in rocks likes these..

...and is also home to stray bicycles.

Some ground squirrels live in holes in the ground, with back doors not far away.

Bunnies lives in bigger holes like this one, which is well defended with cactus bits. I'd like to know how they got those pieces of teddy bear cholla around the front door. The nearby back door is equally protected.

When birds don't find lovely lemon trees,
they build nests in saguaro cactuses,
which become cactus condos.

This is the saguaro low rent district.

This is my less than humble abode. It is not in the low rent district.
Nonetheless, it my desert home, where I cuddle into my bed
at night with my sweetheart and rest from the world outside.

I have a sweet view of the desert hills and valleys by my house,
where the other desert dwellers live.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Thanks for Bailing me out, Chris!

Wednesday, Linnley took out her endowments at the Bountiful temple. The night before, I had made arrangements to carpool up with my grandma, and she said, "Missy, just make sure you have your temple recommend before you go!" I'm thinking, "Uh, yeah, grandma, it's ALWAYS in my wallet, and I NEVER go without my wallet."

Just as we finished the 30 minute drive to the temple, I checked in my camera and searched the contents of my purse for my wallet. MIA. It wasn't there! Immediately I figured out that I had taken out my wallet to book some hotel reservations and failed to put it back. As soon as Chris answered his phone he was in action. I have the sweetest husband, to just drop everything and drive up to the temple with the P in tow to give me my golden ticket.

I was happy I brought my camera with me, because it helped to pass the time. It was just beautiful on the temple grounds!

Thankfully, Chris delivered the recommend with plenty of time to spare. We had a great session and now Linnley is one step closer to getting married! I can't believe it's just over 2 weeks away.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Duct Taped Pants & Self Made Long Board

A while ago in 8th grade I paid a $20 fee to be in a skateboard-making club. I made a long board, and picked this really intricate design to silkscreen onto it. The only problem was that I had to cut out that design by hand with an Exacto. It took me a few months, but I finished it finally. And then, just a few minuets ago, I completed a pair of duct tape pants. I had taken a pair of pj bottoms that were ripping and covered them. It just happened that they match! Happiness. Here are the pics.