Monday, July 20, 2009

Home, Sweet Desert Home

My lemon tree is home... a tiny new mourning dove.

The desert is home to rattlesnakes,
which live in rocks likes these..

...and is also home to stray bicycles.

Some ground squirrels live in holes in the ground, with back doors not far away.

Bunnies lives in bigger holes like this one, which is well defended with cactus bits. I'd like to know how they got those pieces of teddy bear cholla around the front door. The nearby back door is equally protected.

When birds don't find lovely lemon trees,
they build nests in saguaro cactuses,
which become cactus condos.

This is the saguaro low rent district.

This is my less than humble abode. It is not in the low rent district.
Nonetheless, it my desert home, where I cuddle into my bed
at night with my sweetheart and rest from the world outside.

I have a sweet view of the desert hills and valleys by my house,
where the other desert dwellers live.


Michemily said...

I only know you because I know Melissa Scott Esplin, but I just wanted to say I think your apartment looks cool.

esplinlin said...

Thanks. It's actually a house. This is the master bedroom in my very large house. I like it because it's spare and serene. By the way, Melissa is sweet daughter-in-law.