Saturday, September 19, 2009

Bed Hair

We've had some good bed hair recently. Penelope's hair is getting a lot longer and much more unruly. Now I'm remembering my mom spraying "no more tangles" in my hair and brushing it when I was little. I remember she did that at night and put our hair in curlers on Saturday nights so we'd have curly hair for church.

Penelope is getting to a fun stage where I could put little pigtails in her hair, but I'm WAY TOO lazy to find her some good elastic bands.

See where Penelope gets it? I slept with my hair wet. It's always fun to see what happens when I sleep like that.


esplinlin said...

lovely, simply lovely

Michemily said...

That's awesome. :) I think I have a few pictures of you with bed hair after a sleepover at the cabin.

Melissa {is•ly} said...

Oh dear, Michelle, I'm sure you do. That could probably be good blackmail fodder. You better not use that against me!

lauren said...

first time at your blog and i think you are so awesome because you posted a picture of your morning hair! realism!