Sunday, January 10, 2010

Eric's account of meeting the President Micheletti, the President of Honduras:

So I want to tell you about what I just did. I had to leave early because we had an appointment at 11 at the president's house (the president of Honduras). There is a lady in my ward who has a television show in the morning for the president. She works in the "white house" of Honduras and, being and absolutely awesome lady, hooked us up with an all access tour. We showed up and hung out in the television studio for a while, then she took us around and showed us the place where the president makes all the announcements on tv. Then we went outside and took pictures with really old statues. While we were doing that some really important military guy came up and he was friends with one of the ladies who was taking us around, so he exercised some of his power and let us into the president's office. So we went into where he meets with diplomats and stuff, and we even took a picture at his desk sitting in his chair. The military guy liked it so much he even took a picure himself. So I have a picture of myself in micheletti's chair, at his desk. Then they walked in and interrupted micheletti in one of his meetings, and he said he could meet with us for 2 minutes for a photo. So we walked into some other room and we got to meet him and take a quick photo with him. He was actually a really nice guy, and he asked us for a book of mormon. Not knowing that we would actually meet anybody we didn't bring one, so we're going to send him a nice hard cover one. Then afterward we went to the room where the president meets with his cabinet, and then to the president's dining hall for a quick snack before we left. All in all a pretty freaking sweet trip. We also got to talk to the reporters about some of the inside stuff that the public didn't know about micheletti and zalaya. Basically zalaya is a pretty dang scummy dude, and micheletti isn't that scummy.