Sunday, May 30, 2010

I Haven't had Hair this Short Since I was a Toddler.

Here's me with my giant mass of hair. I went without a haircut, not even a trim, for seventeen months. Yes that's right, seventeen months. This particular photo must have been shot on a Friday, because for the entire school year I crimped my hair every Friday. (Except one in March when I forgot...)

Here's me with my giant mass of hair again. Except obviously it's not attached to my head anymore. The top of the braid was a good inch and a half in diameter. It was intense.

Ta Da!


Cole said...

17 months w/o a haircut?! WOW....good for you for the big change, looks great!

Melissa said...

Shelley! Your beautiful locks!!! Do you miss the length at all? I remember when I first cut my hair short, it was the weirdest sensation to feel the back of my head. I couldn't help but touch it.

Can't wait to see you!!