Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Penelope & Her Words

Penelope is funny with her words. She's pretty good at pronouncing most things, but every once in a while a few words come out completely wrong.

Here are some of those words:

Peanuts (plural) sounds like penis.
Chalk sounds like cock.
Frog still sounds like f#$%
Flag also sounds like f#$%
Shirt sounds like s$^%

And then there's one word that she knows & says correctly. Yesterday she was playing with something in her car seat & exclaimed, "dammit!" when it dropped on the floor. I wonder where she learned that from.

I've got to start washing my mouth out with soap.


Beatrice Everett said...

I'm dying! This is WAY too funny!

Color Collective said...

haha!! so cute!! thank you very much for letting me know about hel looks--what an awesome site!!

Lady Libertine said...

hahahaha my little sister use to say frog the exact same way. We were terrible and would always try to get her to say it in various forms.

Apt. #34 said...

What a cutie! And thanks so much for your comments on Apartment 34