Thursday, March 5, 2009

At The Bird's Nest

Do you remember seeing this beautiful building during the Beijing Olympics last summer?  It was used for the track and field events, and the marathon, and probably some other events. Unfortunately, since China is run by communists, the building has been unused since then.  They don't have any professional baseball teams, or football.   They don't need concert venues, and they don't have professional bull riding or monster truck shows.  That would be way too capitalist.  So they charge high prices to tourists who want to go inside, but you can wander around the outside for free as long as you have your guide with you.  The Cube, in which the swimming events took place, has also been empty and unused.  What a shame and a waste.  If anybody really wants the government to take over running our country, they should spend a week in China.  It's an oppressive place.

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Melissapher said...

What a waste!!! This is why communism stinks.