Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Penelope wins the award for the MOST adorable

I think the title of this post has become my new mantra, I say it often enough! Here are some new photos of this adorable little one. I can't believe she's nearing a year.

Penelope is "worming" all over the place. When I say worming, it's because it's not crawling, not scooting, it seriously looks like she's doing the worm dance move. I love it.

Penelope's learning better how to pull herself to stand, which is making my life LOADS easier. Also, she said her first words! The other day, after she pulled herself to stand she whispered, "diditdidit" a bunch of times. It was all slurred together, but I'm MOST certain it was her mimicking me saying, "YOU DID IT!"

She's also learning how to play by herself, I also discovered that she doesn't mind me coming and going as long as talk radio is on.


esplinlin said...

She's winning a lot of awards lately. Most Adorable is the finest. SHe's so cute. You, Melissa, get the award for Best Baby Photographer. I can't wait to see you all.

Beatrice Everett said...

She looks just that much older every time I see a new photograph of Penelope. I LOVE IT!!!