Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Pen!

Happy Birthday, Penelope, Nelly, Nels Bells, Nels, Nels A PEA, Pearl, Belle, Goobie, Pen, Lope, PP, Little P, Miss P, Nelly Pea. . .

penelope is a year old

I can't believe that it was a whole year ago that you made your very timely debut. Not only were you born at just the right time to give Chris his full two weeks of parental leave, but you were also born on your cousin's birthday and Earth (aka Earf) day.

It's been a good/really, really stinking hard year. You've grown a lot. Your head is enormous. Your little body is slimming down and lengthening (boy, will I miss those chubs!) and learning how to do all sorts of cool things! You're scootching, almost crawling and just dying to walk. You've mastered sitting and drinking a bottle at the same time, drinking out of a straw, pulling yourself to stand, clapping, flapping your elbows around with your hands on your ears, being the center of attention, eating strange foods like sauerkraut and red curry.

We've had a great time with you this year. Happy birthday my dove. Your mommy and daddy love you oh so very much.

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