Sunday, August 30, 2009

Like Mother, Like Daughter

Chris and I have noticed Penelope's uncanny sense of coordination. Maybe we're super proud parents, but we're just constantly amazed at how well she can keep a beat, shake her booty and twirl in circles.

Recently, I came across some old ballet costumes. One that I wore when I was four looked particularly small, possibly the size for a 16 month old. As soon as Penelope squeezed into that little leo she pranced around the house like a little princess. Or like someone from Alice and wonderland (which is what the performance the costume was for).

Doesn't she look like she's walking the runway?

I don't know where this dance move came from, but it's adorable.

Striking a pose.

Here I am at four years old, posing for the camera. Some days I miss ballet tremendously. I hope Penelope will love dance as much as I do.


esplinlin said...

What adorable little girls! Melissa, you have the agility and form of a dancer at five years of age! Penelope has those delicious thighs, which look very cute in your old costume. I love the photos.

The A Team said...

Melissa! I want to eat P's legs!
I love the dancing attire!!
Miss you girl!