Saturday, August 1, 2009

Weddings and Babysitters

Weddings are infinitely harder when you have a kid to tote around. Scott, thankfully, babysat while we were in the temple.

Linnley is the 5th bride to wear that dress! I kept thinking that dress is the wedding equivalent to the sisterhood of the traveling pants. Every one of us has different body types, but we were all able to pull it off!

The bridesmaid dresses were a lot more comfortable after we sewed the wrap part shut. Black was a good color for all of us.

Grandpa Scott & Judy. Grandpa did a great job on the wedding ceremony.

Ayden was so happy to see Lin & Nathan come out of the temple doors, but not happy about that kiss!

Here's my dad, ready and waiting for the Sartorialist to take his picture.

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esplinlin said...

Great photos! Scott enjoyed chasing Penelope around, and the picture of them on the bench is delightful. He especially enjoyed the wedding breakfast. He said it was the best breakfast he'd eaten in a very, very, very long time. I think he liked it better than the javelina liked the little golden barrel cactus in my front yard, which, incidentally, has been almost chewed completely gone.