Monday, January 5, 2009

Airport Death

Ok, someone other than Melissa needs to post on this thing. So, I will tell you all my story about flying home yesterday.

So, my flight was coming into SLC at 7:30 and my roommates were getting in at 8:00, so I figured I'd get a ride home with them. Anyway, I get to SLC at about 7:45 and go get my bags and wait around for them. I get a call at 8:15 and my roomate tells me they're still on the ground so I'll have to wait. I think "Oh darn, they have to taxi and get off the plane, walk down here and wait for their bags still....DARN." Well, it was about two seconds until the alarm bells went off and I asked "Still on the ground in Salt Lake...?" Nope, Washington. Needless to say, the flight was now scheduled to get in at 10:27, so I had a wait ahead of me. I finally found a place to get a sandwich at the other terminal so I got that, a bag of twizzlers and a cup of water and went to find a seat. The place was packed and I spilled water all over myself and the floor as I walked around with two backpacks, a 50 pound bag and a set of skis while balancing the food on top of my bag. I finally sat down in a corner but after I got everything off loaded a whole family stood up so I get a chair and some room to chill out.

I was getting comfortable when this girl who was also waiting for someone on that flight came and sat next to me so we talked for a while until her friend showed up in the car and they went to go pass the time somewhere else. So, it's now about 9:30 so I headed over to the other terminal since I'd eaten all my food (including all of the twizzlers) to wait out the home stretch. So, there aren't any chairs open in Terminal 2 so camp out on the ground and play sudoku for an hour. 10:30 finally rolls around so I go look at the arrivals screen and when I find their flight again it says 11:12 for arrival, so I go back to my nest and fight through the last 45 minutes. I finally got a call at exactly 11:12. They had landed and were on their way.

So, his brother picks us up and takes us back to his apartment where we switch cars and head down to provo. We got in at 1 and I got to bed around 2. My alarm went off at 7:45 this morning, I got through two classes and two visits with teachers, I'm about to eat before my next class followed by four hours of work. Come 8 tonight I'll hopefully be able to head home and relax a little bit. It's been a crazy day but I'm excited about this semester and my CE classes.

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Melissapher said...

That totally sucks!! I hate waiting around in the airport!

It took Chris and me 4 hours to trek home from the airport when we got back. Thankfully Penelope fell asleep halfway through.