Sunday, January 25, 2009

Green Problems, Green Solutions

Winter rains bring
winter green to the
Valley of the Sun.
Our lawn looks great,
especially after Brooke
mows it. She pulls out
the old/new reel push
mower on Saturdays
and silently criss crosses
the two patches of grass
in the back yard. Then she asks for her $10 which is gladly given.
However, rain falls on the just and unjust alike, which means the grass
and the weeds both get watered. This particularly healthy weed is one
of dozens and dozens that has sprung up all over the yard. So we are
in the weed killing mode. Cordell and I have different methods of
solving problems, and that includes weed killing. I suggested a more
environmentally friendly attack for round one and he agreed.
My solution: BOILING WATER

As you can see, it is immediate and effective. However,
it takes time and can only cover small areas. For the

small beds by the back door, it works well.

Cordell has gone to work in the front yard with a
sprayer full of VINEGAR, with a bit of soap added.
It takes a few days and requires some sunshine,
but can certainly cover larger areas. His weeds
are looking a bit droopy today.

We really should work together, because the
wilted spinach aroma is drifting from the backyard
and mixing with the redolence of the vinegar in the
front yard. We could
add a little oil and have salad on
the Esplinade.

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