Friday, January 30, 2009

Penelope: 2, Melissa: 1

Penelope: Ha. I'm going to rip off my diaper
Mom: Ha, Ha! I'm going to take a photo and embarrass you later with it!
Penelope: HA, HA, HA!! I'm going to pee on the carpet right after you take the photo!


esplinlin said...

Penelope must be related to Brooke. We all remember the yellow stain behind the chair.

esplinlin said...

Penelope's lovely photograph now graces our desktop on the office computer. Cordell is smitten with his granddaughter.

esplinlin said...
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Beatrice Everett said...

Mom, it's a little weird to put a picture of half-naked penelope on our computer. Friends come over and play on the computer, you know.