Monday, February 2, 2009

Buns of Methuselah

Alas, I have no photograph.  Double alas, I have no Buns of Methuselah.  Somebody cleaned out the bread drawer and threw them away.  Cordell denies it.  Shelley denies.  Brooke never throws anything away.  That leaves Eric as the prime suspect.  He thought they were gross, anyway.  I am not exactly distraught over the loss, but I am severely disappointed.  I bought that package of buns about the time that Lindsay went to Hong Kong (October 2007), and they are so saturated with preservatives that they haven't grown any mold.  They weren't exactly rock hard, either.  I had intended to triumphantly pull them from the drawer and have a good laugh with Lindsay, and then we could throw them away together.  It's a girl thing.  Eric doesn't understand.  Oh well.  It's over.  At least we know that hamburger buns would be safe in a year's supply of food, even on the shelf.  Maybe they're best just left on the shelf.


Melissapher said...

It's all Lindsay's fault for not coming home sooner.

esplinlin said...

Yea, she shouldn't have stayed that extra six weeks.