Monday, February 9, 2009

Beyond Weeds.....Way Beyond

With apologies to Brooke, can you guess what's in this photo?  If you guess a type of food, you win a completely free copy of the recipe.  It began as a school project, which is all well and good.  She thought that since the recipe was tied to her Czech heritage, that it would be extra special to make.  She's good at following recipes, even if she leaves the salt out of the banana bread occasionally.  But somehow just the thought of Czech dumplings in a meatless gravy sounds way too gelatinous to me.  She produced the recipe, and it looked just like this and tasted just like it looks.  We each had just a spoonful.  The modernized meatless version is not an improvement.  Give us some beef and carrots and onions, and more vegetables from the garden, and maybe a few dumplings on the top.  I promise, her great great grandparents knew how to eat much better than this.

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Melissapher said...

That looks, well, So utterly disgusting. Somehow it reminds me of school lunch in elementary school.