Friday, February 6, 2009


This is Junior, our entry into the second chapter of weed control.  Note the canister of propane on one end.  The other end shoots out fire when you light it up, which makes it a very mini flame thrower.  Weeds don't like flame throwers, even if they are very mini in size.  Of course you have to aim at each individual weed and wait until that individual weed has been crisped and blackened into vegetative oblivion.  No boiled spinach here; just ash.  

The problem, of course, is that Junior is meant for a stove.  The pressure is great for boiling water to make hot chocolate when you're camping, although even then it seems like you have to wait a while.  Then the anticipation makes it worth the wait.  Here the anticipation can be a bit frustrating.   So Junior is a little underpowered.  

The advantage:  Junior has its place working under and around plants that you don't want flash flamed.

The disadvantage:  You can't even fire it up unless you are prepared to take a shower because you smell like you've been playing in the campfire for hours.  After burning weeds for a little while, the entire neighborhood smells like a campground and the neighbors are out looking for the fire.

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